Synergy Solar

Mid-South Synergy is excited to offer our simple and affordable Synergy Solar solution! Our initial community solar site, located in Bedias, TX, takes the hassle out of generating smart, clean energy and offers the benefits of solar to our entire membership. To our residential members who participate, Synergy Solar proves to be accessible, affordable, and renewable by offering a maintenance free program.

Synergy Solar offers our residential members an alternative program to potentially save on your electric bill. Mid-South Synergy is excited to introduce our new rates for Synergy Solar, effective Aug. 1, 2016. Members have the option to purchase anywhere up to five 100 kWh blocks of community solar at $11.50 per block/month, which is price locked for five years. The community solar program allows members a pricing hedge that is beneficial in the long run.

Synergy Solar is a great way for the environmentally conscious to reduce their carbon footprint. Your community solar project derives clean, pure energy from the sun, which helps reduce the dependence of fossil fuels.


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Synergy Solar Press Release