Storm Center


Reporting Outages:

Please call: 936-825-5100 or toll-free 1-888-525-6677.

Please provide your phone number located at your physical address and other pertinent information available for accurate outage reporting.

During a storm it is likely that telecommunications systems will be overloaded and communications could be temporarily lost.

How We Restore Power

Following a storm, restoration efforts proceed in an orderly manner, beginning at the source and working outward.

  • Mid-South Synergy must first assess damage to its equipment and facilities to determine corrective actions.
  • We then start at our power source (the substations within our service area) and work outward to restore power. Substations must be in working order to deliver power to local areas.
  • Once substation status communications have taken place, the Mid-South crews will survey all feeders exiting each substation and begin work to repair them.
  • After repair to feeders has been completed, restoration of Critical Loads, as defined by Federal Emergency Management Administration, will be the focus of operations crews.
  • Special Needs customers, those on battery backup for life-sustaining equipment will follow directly.
  • Individual services, often the most time consuming repairs, are restored last.