Sign Up For Pay-As-You-Go

Pay-As-You-Go is a great service available to our RESIDENTIAL (ELECTRIC) MEMBERS only. Click Here for More Information


Update Account Information

To help us better serve you; it is vital that we have the most current information available to maintain our commitment to service with you.  Please complete and submit the Account Update Form if;

  • Your name or street address is incorrectly shown on your bill
  • Your name, phone number or street address has changed recently
  • Your email address (that we use for E-Pay) has changed

If the name on the account needs to be transferred to a different person or business, we need to know. More importantly, we need your most up to date contact information for emergencies during prolonged service interruptions. With a correct phone number our dispatchers will be able to locate your interruption and work to get it restored as quickly as possible.

Request Service at Existing Location

When you need service at a location that had Mid-South Synergy service before, the following steps will apply. View our Electric Service Application


Request Service at New Location

Whether you’re constructing a new building, upgrading the size of an existing service or relocating its connection point, close coordination between you and Mid South Synergy is essential for keeping your project on schedule. To ensure smooth and timely installations, Contact us to initiate the application process in the early stages of the construction. View our Service Area Map and download the required Forms from the Related Links section on the right.

Disconnect Service

If you need to transfer service to another location in our service area, or need to disconnect service all together, you can contact us or come by any of our three offices. We will need to verify some details to proceed with your disconnect and also need your new address to forward you your final bill.

For those members that had a deposit with Mid-South Synergy, we will apply the deposit to your final bill and send you the balance by mail.