Our History

Electric cooperatives were born because investor owned utilities did not think it profitable to run many miles of power lines for few customers in the rural areas. Local farmers realized electricity was needed to provide for their families and bring industry to the area. This lead to the inception of Mid-South Electric Cooperative in 1940.

The outbreak of World War II delayed the actual delivery of electricity until 1942 when the total membership was 94 people who paid $224.31 for their first month of service. As years passed by, Mid-South Electric Cooperative dedicated its efforts to rapid expansion of its products and services to serve its fast growing membership. Since Mid-south was now providing more than just electricity, the Board of Directors decided to give it a name that reflected the expanded services. Hence came SYNERGY!


What is synergy? “When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, you’ve got synergy.” says Kerry Kelton – General Manager and CEO of Mid-South Synergy. As they have done since 1942, the people of Mid-South Synergy will make sure your lights always come on – today, and tomorrow, and every day to come.