Member Benefits

As a member of Mid-South Synergy, you have access to the following MEMBER BENEFITS:

acre-final  ACRE

All members of Mid-South Synergy have the opportunity to contribute to A.C.R.E or the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE), the political action committee of the nations electric cooperatives through the Co-op Owners for Political Action program.

capital-credits-benefits-final  CAPITAL CREDITS

Mid-South Synergy is a member owned, not for profit cooperative. If the coop’s revenues exceed the cost of doing business (expenses), the co-op has earned “margins” (profits). Each year, margins earned are assigned to the coop’s members (based on the usage).

co-op-connections-benefits-final  CO-OP CONNECTIONS CARD

At Mid South, we look for ways to help our customers in every way we can. Our coop connections card is a card that we give to our members to help them get huge savings on various local and national businesses. In addition, this card has helped our members save about $75,000 on pharmacy discounts.

energy-audits-final  ENERGY AUDITS

At Mid-South Synergy, our energy audit team, on-line energy management tools, and accompanying resources are available to you so you can get a better understanding of your energy usage and how much value you can expect by making energy saving improvements in your home or business.

operation-roundup-final  OPERATION ROUND UP

Mid-South Synergy is continuing the tradition of “members helping members” by offering a program called Operation Round Up. With just pennies per month, our members make a major difference in the lives of fellow Mid-South members.

scholarships-final  SCHOLARSHIPS

The Mid-South Synergy scholarship program is established to encourage and assist in the educational pursuit of Mid-South Synergy member’s seniors. Texas State Law HB 3202, passed in September 1997, permits nonprofit electric cooperatives to retain unclaimed capitol credit allocations for scholarships.

youth-tour-benefits-final  YOUTH TOUR

Youth tour is an excellent opportunity for our youth to learn about our government in action. Over 1,400 students from rural electric cooperatives across America travel to Washington to learn about our nation’s history and its politics.