Local Education Outreach

Each year we offer our local school districts and public service offices several different learning products and services. Each of these are offered at no charge to the organization:

Super Energy Saver Program – Through the use of engaging and fun activities, students will learn about energy, electrical safety, energy efficiency and energy savings. They will follow CFL Charlie on a tour of basic energy sources and take an adventure through energy efficiency. The lessons and activities are designed to meet national standards and are recommended for grades K-5.

Get Charged Electricity and You- The Get Charged Program is an educational initiative aimed at middle school students. Its goal is to provide a real-world understanding of power and the purpose of electricity and to underscore the important role of electric co-ops in delivering power. These kits include all curriculum free of charge.

First Responder Training –

Public Service Training –

We encourage all of our members to take advantage of the above mentioned school programs. If you have any questions you can contact Erin Bischoff at 936-825-5139.