What is a customer service inspection?
A customer service inspection shall be completed prior to providing continuous water service. The inspection is an examination of the private water distribution facilities for the purpose of providing or denying water service. The inspection is limited to the identification and prevention of cross connections, potential contaminant hazards and illegal lead materials.

What is a cross connection?
A physical connection between a public water system and either another supply of unknown or questionable quality, any source which may contain contaminating or polluting substances, or any source of water treated to a lesser degree in the treatment process.

Who has cross-connections?
Almost every water user in the distribution system has a potential hazard. The most common potential cross-connection is a simple misuse of an ordinary garden hose. Backflow can occur either through backpressure or backsiphonage from appliances, equipment or other water supply sources.

How is a cross-connection treated?
There are a variety of devices designed to prevent backflow depending on the severity of the hazard and whether or not there is a risk of backpressure or backsiphonage. These devices are required to be installed and tested by licensed professionals who are familiar with the regulations to ensure that the backflow device provides suitable protection against the degree of hazard present. For example, a Pressure Vacuum Breaker device may be installed on irrigation systems, however, if installed improperly it may not provide adequate protection. Therefore, it is important to choose a knowledgeable professional to service backflow requirements.

Can my personal well supply my residence while being connected to the public water system?
A personal well is considered to be a supply of unknown or questionable quality and falls into the category of being a potential health hazard to a public water system. There is only one type of device that will provide adequate protection against this type of backflow hazard and it is a Reduce Pressure Zone device. The device also must be tested annually due to the type of hazard. If there is a physical separation between the personal well and private distribution system serviced by the public water system then a backflow device is not necessary. However, creating a connection with jumper hoses or valves would then create a cross-connection condition and would require an appropriate backflow device. Water users should consult their deed restrictions regarding private well use to ensure any activity on their part is in compliance.