Energy Savings Guide

Energy efficiency is everyone’s responsibility. When we work together, it’s easier to achieve. As your Touchstone Energy Cooperative, we provide you, our members, with the know-how, tools and resources to easily save energy at home. After all, using energy responsibly and saving money go hand-in-hand, which is something we can all take part in.

• At Touchstone Energy, you can find some great information and tips on saving energy and money.

• See how much money you can save by using energy wisely at home. Take the Energy Savings Home Tour

• How energy efficient is your home? Use the Home Efficiency Analysis Tool to find out!

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge so that you can make informed decisions regarding your home. Using energy wisely is easier than you think. Take advantage of these simple tips, videos and articles from Touchstone Energy to learn energy-saving information on heating and cooling, lighting, new technologies and more.