During the Storm

What should my family do when the power goes off?
• Check your fuse box or circuit breaker to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. If your fuses and breakers are okay, check your neighbors’ houses for lights. If your neighbors have power, the problem may be just at your home.
• If your neighbors do not have lights, then you should call Mid-South Synergy at (936) 825-5100 and report the outage.
•Turn off the air conditioner and lights. This decreases the initial power demand when the electricity is restored.
What should my family do during an extended outage?
• If power goes off, turn off electric heating/cooling system, depending on season.
• Turn off appliances and lights, leaving one light on to signal the restoration of power.
•Open refrigerators and freezers only as needed.
• If power is off for 24 hours, ice down refrigerator food items.
• After power has been restored, turn on heating/cooling system and appliances one by one over a period of time to minimize strain on system and prevent cold-load pick-up problems.
• Report all damage in your community. If you cannot get through to Mid-South Synergy, it may be because others in your area are calling to report outage.
• Listen to local radio stations for updates.
• If the weather is extremely cold, seek shelter if possible.
• Should I help by removing trees from power lines?
No, it is impossible to tell just by looking at them if power lines are energized. Live trees are excellent conductors of electricity, as are metal chain saw blades and bars. If power is out in your area, be aware that neighbors using electric generators incorrectly could be sending electricity into the lines. This could be deadly.
• Why does my neighbor have lights while my home is still without power?
Your neighbor’s home may be on a different line. For example, a three-phase line may run right in front of your home, but you may receive power through a single-phase line running through your backyard from a different circuit. Also, the problem may be on the wire between the pole and your home, or your phase of a three-phase line may be out while the other two are still operating.