Getting Started

Welcome to Mid-South Synergy!

We look forward to serving you with your electric service needs. Mid-South Synergy is committed to serving high quality service to every home and business in our community.

Application of Service

  1. View our Service Area Map and Residential Rate Schedule
  2. Please complete and return the Electric Service Agreement along with a copy of your driver’s license and the following applicable fees:
    • $75.00- Membership Fee (non- refundable)
    • $25.00- Connect/Transfer Fee (for new service of an existing location)
    • $125.00- Connect Fee (For New Construction of Service)
    • $200.00- Survey Fee (The staking fee for New Construction)
  3. A deposit is also required with the above applicable fees. Your deposit will be based upon your credit rating or a $ 400.00 deposit is required for service to the location of service. For your convenience, fees along with any applicable construction costs may be paid in person at any of our local district offices or over the phone by credit card or check.

Developers Checklist and Planning Guide


Why are meter specification changes being made?

The changes are being made so that Mid-South Synergy maintains compliance with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Most directly affected is our current overhead meter pole assembly specification. The NESC clearance requirements for a service wire subject to mobilized vehicular traffic are 15.5 ft at the lowest point in the wire. Our overhead meter pole at present is only a 16 ft pole with 4 ft below ground which provides less clearance than required by NESC.

What is the new policy with regards to meter specifications?

• Our preferred service application and metering for permanent construction for residential and commercial service is underground. Overhead meter poles will be allowed as exceptions determined by Mid-South Synergy’s Staking technicians.
• We have also added some recommended underground metering assemblies to our published meter specifications. We will require that you meet or exceed these guidelines. If you have a desired construction technique that isn’t shown it can be submitted to Mid-South Synergy Engineering for approval.
• In regards to construction of the equipment on the overhead meter pole nothing has changed except the overall length of the pole
• All overhead meter installations on a building require a minimum of 2 inch rigid conduit. This is to accommodate the larger wire.

Are there exceptions?

We understand that underground metering isn’t always possible due to underground obstacles such as septic systems, etc. Therefore we have left the provision of overhead meter poles for permanent service. Mid-South Synergy’s Staking Technician will recommend the use and size of overhead meter poles when they design the service for proper clearance requirements.

Do the new specifications apply to temporary service applications?

The changes affect only permanent overhead meter pole specifications. Temporary overhead meter pole specifications stay unchanged.

Are their benefits to these changes?

Absolutely. In our commitment to the membership of Mid South Synergy, revisions made today will pay off tomorrow for a safer and more reliable electric distribution system by;

• Providing lower cost options for the member. Currently Mid South’s policy is to provide material and placement of underground service wire free of charge (the member is responsible for all trench work and placement of conduit).
• Underground service usually requires little or no right of way clearing and provides for a more reliable and aesthetically pleasing service especially in heavy forested or landscaped areas.

Meter Socket

• Mid-South Synergy will only accept a Mid-South Synergy underground meter socket. This is necessary because of the larger wire sizes that we are using to improve power quality by deterring voltage flicker and drop. The meter socket is provided at all of our district offices free of charge for an existing or new member requiring new or upgraded service.
• An underground meter socket that is not Mid-South Synergy’s will be rejected during our pre-construction inspection process and the member will be required to replace it with Mid-South Synergy’s underground meter socket.
• For all residential jobs all wires being installed up to the main service disconnect shall be copper stranded with a minimum insulation rating of 90°C.
• Caution tape and pull strings shall be installed in all underground applications.

Street Lighting

Street Lights are available to municipalities, developers and property or homeowner associations to provide decorative or road lighting systems in incorporated or unincorporated areas, unincorporated communities and areas adjacent thereto, for the lighting of public streets, roads and thoroughfares. Street Lights are available in either underground of overhead service. Customers desiring either service will be charged a one timeConnection Fee and a per light fixture Monthly Recurring Charge based on the type of light fixture used in the Street Lighting described below. Energy usage is subject to WPCA adjustment. All charges are subject to applicable taxes.

Street Lighting and Area Lighting Service is subject to the written policies of the Cooperative. Mid-South Synergy shall have no liability to any party for injury or damage resulting from any street light outage. For more information, all customers are urged to contact Mid-South Synergy at P.O. box 970, Navasota TX 77868, or by calling Customer Service at 936-825-5100.