How is a Location Classified as Commercial?

Any location, in which business is transacted, even if not for profit is classified as commercial use and is billed the commercial rate that best fits the type of usage for the  business and amount of electricity used.

Getting Started

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We look forward to serving you with your electric service needs. Mid-South Synergy is committed to serving high quality service to every home and business in our community.

Application of Service

*Rate schedule for Small Commercial only

Request Service at Existing Location

When you need service at a location that had Mid-South Synergy service before, the following steps will apply. View our Electric Service Application


Request Service at New Location

Whether you’re constructing a new building, upgrading the size of an existing service or relocating its connection point, close coordination between you and Mid South Synergy is essential for keeping your project on schedule. To ensure smooth and timely installations, Contact us to initiate the application process in the early stages of the construction. View our Service Area Map and download the required Forms from the Related Links section on the right.