As a commercial or industrial member of Mid-South Synergy, you know how important energy management is. One of the biggest problems our members have today is the cost of energy. Energy prices continue to go higher and higher for many reasons. An increase in the cost of coal and natural gas (the fuel used to generate electricity), a lack of supply, and a rise in demand for energy due to economic growth. Many times, having the knowledge to manage your usage in a positive manner means a difference in profits. However, it also means a lot to the environment and to the community you serve. At Mid-South Synergy we are dedicated to helping you get control of your energy usage so you can help your customers.

Value is a term that is discussed often in business. Our goal is to help you get value out of your energy purchase so you can pass that value on to your customers. By making some energy-efficient changes to your place of business, changing a few habits, or simply becoming more educated about your purchase you can get that value.

Feel free to take a look at the tools that we offer to help your business.