Celebrating 75 Years

Nearly 90 percent of urban dwellers in the 1930s had electricity, but the farms and rural areas across the country were left in the dark, because the for-profit electric companies saw it as unprofitable to string miles of electric line for only a few customers.

Then, almost 80 years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the formation of the Rural Electrification Administration — part of the New Deal legislation of the 1930s — as an answer to the economic hardships of The Great Depression. The REA provided low-interest loans to farmers and ranchers for the formation of electric cooperatives and brought power to rural America. His hope was that electricity would stimulate agriculture production and create a better way of life for those people in the country.

In 1940, in Grimes County, Texas, Mid-South Electric Cooperative was formed. The outbreak of World War II delayed the actual delivery of electricity until 1942 when the total membership was 94 people. Local men and women came together and helped set poles and string line until every member had power.  That’s the cooperative difference.

In 2015, Mid-South Synergy is celebrating 75 years as your electric cooperative. It’s that sense of ownership and cooperation that has kept Mid-South Synergy successful after all these years. With a continued dedication to efficiency and reliability, Mid-South Synergy continues to look to the future and providing you with a quality service at an affordable price. Here’s to 75 more years as YOUR electric cooperative!