Capital Credits

Your electric cooperative makes every member an owner of the business.

Unlike other electric utilities, Mid-South Synergy exists to make sure your needs are always met, not to make a profit. As a member-owner, you share in the profits in the form of capital credit refunds.

The cooperative works hard every day to keep your rates as low as possible. It’s nice to know that when there are profits, they go back to you.

Mid-South Synergy is a member owned, not for profit cooperative. If the coop’s revenues exceed the cost of doing business (expenses), the co-op has earned “margins” (profits). Each year, margins earned are assigned to the coop’s members (based on the usage); these assigned margins are called capital credits. While the capital credits are assigned to members, they are retained by the coop for a period of time and are used to pay for expansions, equipment upgrades and other necessary improvements. After a period of time, the board of directors determines the portion of the capital credits that will be refunded to the membership while ensuring the coop’s financial health. Since 1998, Mid-South Synergy has returned over 6 million dollars in capital credits to our members.